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Thread: Gauntlet of Champions v3 | Room 4: Mythical Hydra Turn 2 (3 Heads Remain)

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    Gauntlet of Champions v3 | Room 4: Mythical Hydra Turn 2 (3 Heads Remain)

    here's v2 in case you're curious

    Welcome to the Gauntlet of Champions!!! A place to test your mettle and resolve, as your party plunges into 9 Rooms of Madness whereby a Champion is chosen at the very end. The Champion will reap all the rewards (including hot chicks. or dudes if you prefer.) of the Kingdom for all eternity.

    Yes. A Champion. One.

    How do I become the Champion?
    In the titular Gauntlet, up to 6 players will traverse the perilous cesspool of evil and defeat abominations that will grant them GLORY, an immaterial Score that gives you a better chance of becoming the Champion! If any MMORPG has taught you, in order to gain GLORY, you must be the one to killstea---I mean, deal the glorious FINAL hit that kills the monster-of-the-day. Rinse and repeat 9 times until a Champion is chosen!

    Anything else I should expect?
    Traps. Items. Spells and whatnot. Situational events that may lead to strange bouts of machismo, greed, or bloodlust. There might be a timed situation, a riddle to solve, or an opportunity to rob each other in the dark. You never know what each room might have in store until you're in it.

    So I just have to look out for Number 1?
    Not exactly. The dungeon is scaled to the party. That means, if anyone gets any stupid ideas and kills each other off too early, the next room will still scale as if all of you existed! Thus, it is essential that you have a teeth-cleched friendship, with maybe the occasional backstabbing only if you can help it. Oh yeah, and permadeath exists as well. Any player that dies is out of the game for good! You must STILL do all 9 rooms though so Last Man Standing is not going to cut it.

    How to Play (Exactly)
    After signups, all players will face the threat together. Every threat will have a rule and an attack pattern that they will be informed off at the start of each Room. Then players will PM me some things:

    1) Speed (number from 1 to 5.)
    2) Attack (0, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 100) ***Attacks with value of 0 will be considered to have 'hit' for effect purposes
    3) Any other special stuff (like item usage or abilities)
    4) Miscellaneous actions (sometimes Threats will require it).

    Actions will be resolved as thus:

    I. Check Initiative
    a) Players with a unique, lowest Speed value go first. Non-unique values go next.
    b) Among the non-unique Speeds, group with the highest Speed value goes next.
    c) Among those in B, random order is decided.

    Quote Originally Posted by Example
    Devour - Speed 1 Attack 50
    devi - Speed 5 Attack 10
    Mustika - Speed 3 Attack 25
    WyzDM - Speed 5 Attack 5
    DoctorNoob1 - Speed 5 Attack 10
    Jutsu - Speed 3 Attack 20

    Resolution Turn Order:
    1) Devour
    2) DoctorNoob1
    3) devi
    4) WyzDM
    5) Jutsu
    6) Mustika

    *Note that DoctorNoob1, devi, and Wyz and the group of Jutsu and Mustika were decided at random, having the same speed.
    II. Damage Calculation / Resolution
    1) Player who's turn it is in the Initiative, deals the damage he listed. This happens in the order decided above.
    2) If this attack kills the Threat, that player alone receives GLORY.
    3) Note that Higher Value attacks will have higher level cooldowns. While in cooldown, the Player won't be able to use any attacks in that Category for awhile. For notes on cooldown categories, see below.

    III. Receive Threat
    1) After all Players have had a go, it's the Threat's turn to attack. Depending on its rules, it will attack based on the Turn Order established in Part I.
    2) Some Threats can affect the current or future turn order. These rules will be reminded when first entering a Room.

    After which the one with the highest GLORY that exits after 9 Rooms will be declared the winner!

    Cooldown Times:
    Everytime an action is made, it cannot be used again for a certain number of turns. How many is dictated by the chart below. The range in which cooldown applies is decided randomly. A "Turn" is defined as one cycle in which the players and the Threat attacks. Ability actions also have cooldowns, and take significantly longer due to their awesome effects.

    Basic Attacks:
    Attacks 20, 30, 40 - 1 to 2 Turns
    Attacks 10, 25, 50 - 3 to 4 Turns
    Attacks 5, 100 - 5 to 6 Turns
    Attacks 0 - 10 Turns

    Offensive Abilities:
    Tactical Maneuvers - 5 to 6 Turns after 3 uses each.
    Cheap Maneuvers - 7 to 10 Turns
    Godlike Maneuvers - 10 Turns

    Defensive Abilities:
    Reactive Maneuvers - 5 to 6 Turns after 3 uses each.
    Disruptive Maneuvers - 7 to 10 Turns

    Items - 10 to 15 Turns


    Abilities and Items
    In addition to basic attack values, you may also optionally include an Ability or Item use. Each special action has their own set of rules.

    Items are more straightforward: all Items sit in everyone's collective inventory until used. They'll then be unavailable for a time depending on the cooldown.

    Abilities are a bit more tricky. Everyone in the dungeon is equally skilled, ergo everyone in the dungeon will have immediate access to all abilities. They will be listed and can be used anytime by anyone at anytime. Once used however, they cannot be used by anyone until the cooldown settles. Some abilities will have 3 uses before expiring into cooldown, but most can only be used ONCE. So make sure to only use an ability if you think the opponent isn't going to or if you think they should be saved for a harder Threat.

    Kinds of Abilities:
    Tactical - These abilities can be used up to 3 times (most of them) before cooling down. They're mostly concerned with buffing or getting yourself into a better position.
    Cheap - These are basically some underhanded version of the above. They only have 1 use since they're so predictable.
    Godlike - There are only 2 abilities in this category, but they are gamebreakers to be sure and can make or break a Threat or gain an advantage between your peers. Use wisely.
    Reactive - These are abilities that respond based on a certain trigger and are 1 of 2 kinds of abilities that will require it to be POSTED for it to trigger.
    Disruptive - These are somewhat more elaborate versions of Cheap abilities, except not all of them have the express goal of winning per se. Some of them could be damage negation, reflection, or just being an asshole in a sense. Also triggerable by publicly posting.

    For a list of Abilities, see below.

    Offensive Abilities: These Abilities are declared alongside the Attack PMs during Planning Phase.
    Spoiler for Tactical Maneuvers:

    Spoiler for Cheap Maneuvers:

    Spoiler for Godlike Maneuvers:

    Defensive Abilities: These Abilities are publicly declared by post (in BOLD, please) in response to something (read the triggers below).
    Spoiler for Reactive Maneuvers:

    Spoiler for Disruptive Maneuvers:

    Items: The Party is carrying all of these together. Anyone may use them at their own leisure.
    Spoiler for Items:

    1. DoctorNoob1
    2. Alphaeus
    3. Devour
    4. Aquila
    5. Devi
    6. Skeleton
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    Welp, this is Medieval X-Com all over again... Anyway, put me in, coach!

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    Sure, I'll join this.
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    Find me for top tier Devour treatment ;)
    Sign me up my dude B-)

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    I would like to join.

    I am prepared to meet my maker.
    Whether or not he's prepared to meet me....
    well that's another matter, isn't it?
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    Hewitt used my name for an example


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    Alright, I've modified the first post a bit and added rules for Ability and Item use. Please peruse that and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    I don't have to go through the usual rules, right? Play nice, don't grief, and play to win. Don't be a McPerson :/

    Feel free to use this thread to publicly communicate. Private chats are also is a game of deception too somewhat. But know that you must all work together to survive. Killing everyone is useless if you can't escape the dungeon!

    Now we will start with your first encounter...

    Room 1: Blessed Kobold
    HP: 160
    Glory: 1
    Attack Pattern: Deals 10 damage to the 1st and 2nd Player

    Special Rules: Ah, the Kobold, the goomba of the DnD kingdom. Would've been easy taking care of the shittiest of the shit tier, however this one Kobold seems to have fumbled into some holy water and as such is unnaturally blessed. Every other attack it takes, heals it.

    Room Bonuses: Skylight -The first encounter takes place in a room where the bright sky is visible. This sets your hearts at ease. All cooldowns are reduced by 1.

    You may PM your actions NOW.
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    Find me for top tier Devour treatment ;)
    That's off to a good start. If every 2nd hit heals the thing, then every 2nd attacker forfeits their ability to go for the kill.

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    If it's still possible to join I'd like to play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletonxf View Post
    If it's still possible to join I'd like to play.
    You are player number 6. PM me when you can! But I will have to increase the Kobol's HP to 160.

    The 2 people who PM'd me, feel free to change your answers in lieu of this.

    Also since its the first room, I'm gonna be lenient a bit and peter this out; no deadlines but the very loose "next week tuesday"

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