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Thread: Gauntlet of Champions v3 | Room 4: Mythical Hydra Turn 2 (3 Heads Remain)

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    No really, I'm serious. So please try to stay alive

    ***Doctornoob's boots don't activate because he's fighting 1 Head alone...

    Mythical Hydra (70 HP each x7) Turn 1:

    Speed 5:
    Alphaeus and Skeleton rush the Hydra...
    Alphaeus edges out first! He attacks Head3 for 30 damage.
    Head3 is down to 40HP
    Skeleton sneaks up from behind and ambushes Head6 for 40*2 = 80 damage!
    Head6 is defeated! Skeleton gains 2 Glory!

    Speed 3:
    Devour and Aquila rush the Hydra...
    Aquila edges out first! He attacks Head1 for 50 damage.
    Head1 is down to 20HP.
    Devour attacks Head3 for 40 damage.
    Head3 is defeated! Devour gains 2 Glory!

    Speed 1:
    devi and DoctorNoob rush the Hydra...
    devi attacks Head1 for 30 damage
    Head1 is defeated! devi gains 2 Glory!
    DoctorNoob1 jumps upwards to the heavens and deals a whopping 75 damage on Head7! His beautiful graceful tactic earns him the ire and admiration of his fellow dungeoneers for the one hit kill and gains 1 Glory!
    Head7 is defeated! DoctorNoob1 gains 2 Glory!

    Hydra Attacks!
    Heads Defeated: 1, 3, 6, 7
    Heads Remaining: 2, 4, 5...Hydra attacks THREE times!

    Alphaeus is chomped for 10 damage by Head2.
    Skeleton is about to be bitten, but he drags devi's sorry ass on the last minute and he takes the hit instead!
    devi takes 10 damage from Head4
    devi's Spiked Helmet deals 10 damage to Head4
    Head2 has 60HP remaining.
    Aquila is stomped for 10 damage by Head5.

    ======Anyone can still counter at this pt. (Must Post if they want)=======

    Room 4: Mythical Hydra | Turn 2
    Type: Beast
    HP: 70 per Head. Heads 2 (70), 4 (60), and 5 (70) remain
    Glory: 2 per Head
    Attack Pattern: Each head follows a certain pattern:
    1) If the Head was damaged, it will deal 10 damage to the person who LAST ATTACKED IT.
    2) For each Head that was not damaged, it will deal 10 damage to the FIRST PLAYER ONWARDS (so p1 10 then p2 10 etc).

    Special Rules: The Hydra has SEVEN Heads. You will need to coordinate to take them down, either individually fighting a Head or working together to minimize the damage.

    Room Bonuses: Rooting for the Underdog - Sometimes, the Party just feels sorry for those who have no opportunity. By the end of this Room Encounter, the 2 players with the LEAST amount of Glory (or are tied for it), will receive a Treasure!

    Alphaeus (90) - 1 Glory

    Devour (100) - 5 Glory

    Skeleton (100) - 2 Glory

    devi (80) - 3 Glory (from Helmet)
    Spiky Helmet - Permanently rebounds any damage received from a Warrior or Beast Type Threat. While your are carrying this, it is worth 1 Glory.

    DoctorNoob1 (100) - 6 Glory
    The Boots of Speed - From now on, the Initiative Order will be revealed to you beforehand, and you can decide if you want to move up or down the placement! Attack Values will not be revealed to you.

    Aquila (80) - 6 Glory (from Rubies)
    6x Fire Rubies - Fire Rubies are worth 1 Glory each. However, you may during the Planning Phase, use 1 or all Rubies to add 10 damage to your attacks!
    Amulet of Futuresight - If declared to use during the PM/Planning phase, everyone else's speed and power will be revealed to Aquila before he can make his decision.

    Spoiler for Cooldowns:

    Spoiler for Abilities List:

    Spoiler for Items:

    Deadline of PMs is 2.5 Days from this post.
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    God damn I'm getting hurt lol well guess I'll attack head 2 for 40 then

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    well that's another matter, isn't it?
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    If I use Meatshield with devi does devi still reflect the damage with Spikey Helmet? If so I use Meatshield with Devi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletonxf View Post
    If I use Meatshield with devi does devi still reflect the damage with Spikey Helmet? If so I use Meatshield with Devi.
    yes. okay.

    Edited my last post to reflect your counter

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    I'll finish off head 2 as well.
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    Just to give some context to why the threads updates are slow; Hewitt has been dealing with some real life stuff and unfortunately is to busy to update the thread right now. He won't be too long, so please be patient.

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    Hewitt has contacted me to tell you all that he will no longer be updating this thread, he has lost interest and does not have the proper time to manage this. He's decided that he has no real interest in staying on the site, and won't be hosting anymore of these threads.

    Mods, please bin this thread.

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    Find me for top tier Devour treatment ;)

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