Hello, I am destructin or des for short, I made a thread beforehand but it included direct links so it probably didn't get approved, I'll omit them and see if that'll work.

I'll be posting my stuff I drew and new stuff I make. I'll also be posting stuff I make from a forum I run called SuperPaintBrawl, it's a forum where people post comics, so I'll be post WIPs or panels I complete and what not, you'll be able to see completed comics on the site itself, since they get REALLY LONG at times.

Here is a small dump to start things off.

Anonymous person from /i/ requested for their character to be drawn, so I did it.
Spoiler for Request:

A panel from from an on-going thread called "Super Heroes."
Spoiler for Super Heroes Comic:

A comic for a thread called "One Week Battle," where you have to post a comic every week, if you miss a week, your character dies.
Spoiler for OneWeekBattle Comic:

My tiny version of my OC Banana.
Spoiler for Banana: