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Thread: Rock Hard Gladiator Online ; Registration

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    Rock Hard Gladiator Online ; Registration

    Hello! if you don't know RHGO is it's basically a mmo where you'll be able to customize your own stick figure/gladiator and do quests, free roam the map, become the strongest, so on and so forth. I'm gonna be spending more time with this project as it was a bit neglected the last time. If you want you can visit this thread.

    I'll now be accepting people to sign up while i'm doing other stuff accordingly, ive changed the way you choose customs stats compared to the complicated mess that was last time's sign up sheet.

    Registration for custom stats and sprites
    Normal Registration, instead of customs stats, you will choose a class to scale your stats

    Custom items and skill forms will come soon. and you will be notified if your character has been approved.
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    Ohhhh shiiii-
    This sounds tight
    My RHG:

    The guys 2012:

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    (9:29:09 PM) Tarek: racist!
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    oooooh this is interesting!
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