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Thread: Finding my Animation style

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    Finding my Animation style

    Hi, i used to be a member back in 2012, however due to 'life issues' had to take a loooongg break from pretty much everything-animation. Now that i've gotten some free time, i've gotten interest into animating, specifically stick-figure animation.

    However, with a 5 year break, i feel like a complete newbie, barely retaining memory of what to do.

    My question is simple, I used to use line-tool to animate, but now have a drawing tablet, line tool feels easier, but drawing freehand feels more rewarding. I also have to state, i have an incredibly shaky hand, making drawing actually pretty difficult.

    Should i A. Learn to draw it free-hand using brush/pencil tools. B. Use line tool, as drawing may take too much time to get used to. C. try both until i find which ones right (most of you will probably say this, which i have been doing for the past week, but i'm still 'new' so they both look crap rn)

    Ty in advance.

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    Well, that makes the two of us. Even I started getting interested in animating, especially stick figures. I started using Adobe Flash Professional CS6 because Adobe Animate CC is kinda hard as fuck to use.
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    when it comes to animating, i prefer the look of the line tool. I use my tablet for painting.

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    In my opinion, line tool should be used for the sticks themselves, (since it looks cleaner and it's easy to come back and edit) and anytime you need it in backgrounds/weapons, however, for effects, you'll want to use your tablet since those fill mostly have to be drawn.

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