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Thread: Entity126

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    These guys are on my hitlist for now.
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    PS. Could you guys tell me how to change my avatar and profile? I am new at stickpage. That is why. I don't get the controls for the setting that's why. Please tell me how to. Also have you guys experienced not being able to reply on another person's thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entity126 YT View Post
    All the things such as enderknight and enderpearls are fictional. Also the obsidian is obsidian type 303 which is the 3rd strongest and hardest material ever and even stronger and harder than diamond. Also I don't have much time to animate so it will take me a while to do my demo. And I am new to Macromedia. I am very good at animating but bad at drawing. I also do not not put much effort into my animations but i am am going to do my best at animating my demo and future animations. But I need to have encouraging comments or at least comments telling how i could improve on my rhg.
    You can start by getting your RHG demo so people stop making fun of you. Not being rude, just truthful.

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    Lightbulb About the demo.

    Quote Originally Posted by Person McPerson View Post
    You can start by getting your RHG demo so people stop making fun of you. Not being rude, just truthful.
    Yeah I know. I am really good at animating but when it comes to the drawing part, not so good. I am good at drawing in real life but I am not used to drawing on a computer. And I don't have enough money for a drawing tablet or a scanner. And then I am busy. So it takes time. But I will try my best.

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    Well the requirement of making RHG character is demo, so yeah that's why people keep pushing you to do the demo because that's the rules.
    And tablet or scanner is no need to make animation, me myself only use trackpad on laptop in my early day make animation so just do it bruh
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