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Thread: Entity126

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    Exclamation Entity126

    Entity126 YT

    Entity126 YT is very strong intelligent and fast.
    When Entity126 YT is made angry at a certain point he will change into an enderknight.
    He has unlimited enderpearls. (green orbs that teleport you to where you throw them at)
    Can teleport when he is an endernight without enderpearls
    Can manipulate obsidian type 303 (a strong rock that is harder than diamonds)
    He controlls the FW303 element

    Holds back most of the time.
    Vision is blurred when at ultra rage
    When he runs too long he will have have a stomach ache from the result of fusing with 126
    Can't run as fast during ultra rage
    Not very flexible.

    Entity126 YT is a member and vice leader of the GWFO which is a special task force made of elite gamers dedicated to helping and protecting people.

    Entity126 YT was an orphan at 5 years old, and was trained by an enderknight called 126. At 15 he lost 2 people dear to him and became the warrior he is today due to an incident called "The Arena." During "The Arena" all the best warriors were kidnapped and he was one of the. During a battle he died, but 126 fused with him, bringing him back to life. He lost a bunch of his friends to "The Arena" incident. He is now a member and vice leader of the GWFO which is a special task force made of elite gamers and animators dedicated to helping and protecting people. He is a commando hitman and spy for the GWFO as well.


    NOTE:All mysterious words such as enderpearls and enderknights are fictional. Also obsidian type 303 is fictional
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    what does he do against gamers using /gamemode1

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    shut up
    lacks a demo,a story,and he's wayyyy too overpowered,you should actually put some effort because this will most likely be locked by mods
    who cares really lol
    lol move to my site its better anyways, better than this dead place.
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    i think im in the computer
    I know theres hope for this becoming an RHG. But the story is short as hell, and he doesn't even have a weakness. Too overpowered. And if few warriors dare to challenge him, why make this one? Almost no one would want to challenge him.
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    Not everyone plays Minecrap, can you explain what those gems and obisidan stuff do?

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    yes please not all of us are virgins elaborate on that pls <3333
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    I need to know what an endernight is.
    kill me

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    Quote Originally Posted by fLunk View Post
    I need to know what an endernight is.
    He misspelled Enderknight.
    Also, obsidian is the weakest structure of matter (since it's volcanic glass); although it's the sharpest element if sharded.
    So, I assume it's a fictional form of Obsidian.
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    Unhappy Slow down!!

    All the things such as enderknight and enderpearls are fictional. Also the obsidian is obsidian type 303 which is the 3rd strongest and hardest material ever and even stronger and harder than diamond. Also I don't have much time to animate so it will take me a while to do my demo. And I am new to Macromedia. I am very good at animating but bad at drawing. I also do not not put much effort into my animations but i am am going to do my best at animating my demo and future animations. But I need to have encouraging comments or at least comments telling how i could improve on my rhg.

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