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Thread: Elias Gantenbein, Bone-Shaper

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    I feel a touch insulted.

    Spoiler for What I've Obtained:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azure View Post
    I feel a touch insulted.
    Well your strong enough to stomp my face into the ground.

    That should help your injured ego.

    But I want a rematch with Leon and this time I shouldn't have a problem finding a reason for them to battle
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azure View Post
    If you might, do consider battling against me some time. My character could use more calcium in her diet.
    ofc! when im done with this first battle i'll be inactive for a few days to prevent a burnout but i'll totally look into it.

    Quote Originally Posted by RichardLongflop View Post
    But remember Azure's pretty fuckin good and would likely stomp you into dirt without a single care.
    actually, on second thought
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