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Thread: Whispered Tales

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    Whispered Tales

    Normally, only the shadows tell these stories to each other. However, they now share their findings with anyone who cares to listen. The stories are in order (newest on the bottom, oldest on top)

    Spoiler for Upcoming Titles:

    Why am I doing this? Well, I think it's about time I make a "writer's resource" for Vamprina. If any writer has issues trying to get a feel for what she's like, they'll (hopefully) find whatever they need here. Also, I'm open to situation suggestions, so fire away!
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    Spoiler for OPPOSITION:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Government
    But we're going to lay down the lines. The pattern. The FRAMEWORK upon which these stories and canons can build. That way we don't have people scribbling all over the page like a spasmatic retard and saying the lines aren't there, because they are and will be.

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