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Thread: Eric 'Lightbringer' Kassaran

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    Return of Asshat Supreme 969_DoomsDruid_969's Avatar
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    Back, baby.
    Seems legit
    moves at light speed

    I am a quality shitposter(and Magnificent Bastard). You, on the other hand, are a shit-quality poster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 969_DoomsDruid_969 View Post
    Seems legit

    I see you found it too

    @GenericAnon: What Dooms is referring to here is that lightspeed is widely considered overpowered for many reasons. For starters, the reflexes required would make him impossible to land a hit on and the speed alone is impossible to dodge. Also that doesn't take into account the force multiplier that acceleration deals and i'm pretty sure anything moving at lightspeed developes enough friction to create a very large explosion but i'm sure about this last point. My point is, remove Lightspeed if you ever want to have a fight with someone.
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    Thank you for the criticism thus far, I really do want to improve and diversify/balance my character's kit. Any further criticism is greatly appreciated; feel free to lampoon my character as much as possible.

    Special thanks to Urako; I changed light speed for high speed. Probably a major oversight on part; I had a concept in mind and forgot to check the actual phsyics of his abilities.
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    Well done, and welcome.

    Since the speed thing has already been address, the only thing I'll say is that I feel that a little more clarity on the part of the powers/abilities would be helpful. Clarity in general, I mean -- the explanations leave a great deal to be wondered.

    There are tons of different mental images. I can think scientific and say light powers would allow you to excite electron shells in atoms and cause nuclear reactions. Classical magic would tell me you can create beams and balls and other things. Other interpretations might lead to...???

    Again, well done overall. Also like that you have a good solid grasp on the writing style you plan to use. Sometime in the future I think I'd like to fight you.
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    Hmm..... A celestial eh? Hey, you can be my first opponent dude since our characters are somewhat alike, that'll be fun.
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    Two Eric/Erik characters, huh? Maybe you two should fight and see who's the best one!

    Some of the more experienced folk are getting a bit itchy for fights, so I really wanna suggest you newcomers fight amongst yourselves to have a spot of fun and get a feel for the place before diving in. Don't want to discourage you!

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