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Thread: Number one player

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    Number one player

    So this guy is number one...

    Total nub. Crushed him in 10 minutes... so how is he number one? Because he has ceaselessly pushed/abused/cheated to get there.
    Quote Originally Posted by nutsophast View Post
    Alternate already confirmed that.
    Quote Originally Posted by AsePlayer View Post
    If the territory the king owns is a joke, then the king is a joke, as without territory, you have nothing to call yourself a king about. Therefore, archy, you are a joke
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    So yeah, basically this guy's INSANEPLAYER account is lag queued which is why you don't see him push anymore or use it. No point of reporting this guy dude.
    Quote Originally Posted by alternate View Post
    How on earth... did waroftroya get made an admin???

    Like, as if SE wasn't douche enough these days...
    Quote Originally Posted by Tecness2 View Post
    Who are these people? Especially that Drizzle guy, sounds like an asshole. (No seriously, who are these people?)

    Quote Originally Posted by alternate View Post
    Nut, you truly have gone not so fast.

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