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Thread: Joru

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    Joru has a sword that he can control (like telekinesis).
    He can teleport to his sword.

    He can't control his sword up to a very far distance.
    He can't control his sword that well when it's wet or when he is underwater.
    He isn't really fast.

    Joru was just a normal kid. He was really curious because his dad never let him go in the basement. One day his dad left and he decided to go there. When he got there he was shocked. He found many crazy experiments and inventions. On a table, he found a little shiny cristal next to a sword that also had a crystal on it and there was a note saying "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH!".He thought "what can a little crystal do?" and he grabbed it. His hand started glowing and when it was back to normal, the crystal was attached to it and he couldn't take it off. He was scared so he left the basement in a rush, and when he looked back the sword was floating behind him. Then, he ran to the other side of the room and he closed his hand...and he was back to the other side of the room, where the sword was. After years he found out that the crystals were magical and allowed the person who had a half of it control the other half and teleport to it. He started training and learning to use this power.

    (It's on Pivot, sorry, I'm still learning how to use Flash.)



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    Waoh i love this RHG and the story is original.Nice one.

    Good luck for the fights
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    Hey Joru! If you're available, let's duel
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    May the best win

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