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name: mist (Nathan)
age: 18

  • shadow manipulation (this power is strong)
  • perception warp (must encase enemy in shadows)
  • fire manipulation, fire resistence (this power is weak).
  • while listening to music he gains A large burst of speed lasting 2 seconds with a cool down of 10 seconds. He also get a passive ability to see fast moving targets.

loses temper when his parents are mentioned
water, it stings and he cant swim.
he is ok at hand to hand but can be easily beat by an expert.
ultra violent light burns him badly, leaving him open to attack.
he no longer gets the speed buff without his music.

back story:
His father was one of the most deadly demons, Cemeries the demon who rides the black horse and rules Africa, and his mother was a witch doctor of the Zulu tribe. His mom died when he was born and his father died at the hands of a priest only weeks ago right around the time his ever immortal shadow appeared that does not bend or disappear with the light, he believe it was from his dad dieing that unlocked his full power. People say that the shadow sometime moves with reckless abandon but Nathan knows that it is not true and that he is in control of it. For the last couple of weeks he has done nothing but travel from village to village being thrown out of each for the evil deeds of his father.

theme song: 1.) Villain theme

Strength- 4
ability strength- 5
Speed- 10
Stamina- 7
Intelligence- 5
Defense- 3
Evasiveness- 10

Spoiler for DEMO:

wins/losses :

here are a few quick animations I made wile at school will probably have a few new ones up by the end of the week. (this one was the better one but I wasn't logged in so I couldn't continue it sadly)