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Thread: Visiting your past self.

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    Visiting your past self.

    So this hypothetical came up in a Discord chat I was in, and I want to know what everyone thinks.
    Imagine that time travel to the past is now a thing, and you are given the opportunity to travel back to the past to the day of your 10th birthday, and you have the chance to talk to you as a 10 year old boy/girl, and spend the whole day with them.

    Would you accept the offer and visit your past self? If so, what would you do with them? Would you give them any advice on their/your future? Would you give them anything?
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    I'd probably have a lot to say for advice, but I probably wouldn't change anything I did in my high school years. My advice would be to my 18-20 year old self lmao.
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    I honestly thought this was a spam thread lmao

    I'll say only one thing probably: Stay strong when life gets tough, you can and will eventually get through it.

    Then when I'd return to the present, there'll be me, from a distant future, standing there and ready to talk to me.
    But I'd already know what I'll be hearing from me.

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    Tbh, there is a lot I could say to avoid a ton of shit, but I'm rather happy with the way life's turned out. You learn from the hard times, and I'm 100% certain I'm wiser than I would be without them.

    That aside, I'd probably tell my 10 yr old self that tomatoes actually taste great, since I had an aversion to them until I was 14. Weird.
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    Smack myself upside the head and say "Don't neglect yourself." And then wince because I'd have long-ass hair then.

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    I wouldn't want to tell him anything but I'd love to just watch how I was.

    If anything, I do have regrets, choices that I think I shouldn't have done at all but I don't think I'd want it any other way as of now. The things I had to go through were a kind of trial... if I didn't go through those, I wouldn't have learned at all. Knowing myself, I learn through action rather than just being told how to.

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    I wouldn't change much about the way I behaved. Just gave a couple of advices that might just change my life. Such as:
    -Be careful when you play basketball and stretch well before every game and practice (hopefully preventing the ACL tear at 16)
    -Listen more and think a lot more. Pay attention to what people say. Voice yourself when something is wrong (hopefully preserving some long lost friendships)

    But besides that nothing really. Most of my passions were born between age 11 and 17, so i would hate interfering with their development. Also my mental fortitude got developed during middle and highschool, so changing that would drastically change the person I am today.

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    I don't think I'd do much. I would probably, like Errorblender, be simply content with watching myself. I have regrets, but they made me into who I am now and I can't imagine a life where I'm not like this hahaha. Perhaps the only thing I would do is tell him to take school and life more seriously and perhaps I would prevent myself from fucking up my college life.

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    Honestly I can only imagine what my 10 year-old self was thinking. All I could think of saying to him prior to now is, "Don't get lazy you sack of ****."

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    Something like this?

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