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Thread: Cassandra's NPCs [Q&As, Comments, Critiques]

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    Cassandra's NPCs [Q&As, Comments, Critiques]

    At last, I've made my test room. Special thanks to Piston for inspiring me to do so! If anyone has any questions, comments, or critiques for my characters, feel free to share your thoughts!

    This room is NPCs-Only, so current gladiators do not count (sorry Vamprina).

    Being NPCs, these characters lack demos.

    Dr. Amos Wilde Crowe
    Spoiler for info:


    Spoiler for info:

    Androcles Jamieson

    Spoiler for info:

    John Doe

    Spoiler for info:

    Soda Dude

    Spoiler for info:
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    John Doe? Heh, there's some nostalgia! Might have to finally write that mini series that's been on my mind forever!

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