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Thread: Kaiban, the Medium [Scheduled, Still Available for Battle]

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    Kaiban only has so much ammunition that he brings with him, and once that is expended he loses the ability to participate in ranged combat.
    Yes, but he still has everything else. In fact, since he is called "The Medium" it seems like this is a limit to a pretty secondary ability.

    Kaiban lacks superhuman strength, agility, or endurance.
    Regular people tend to not have those either so this is moot. He also doesn't use a minigun, power armour or earthbending.

    Give the dude some actual weaknesses, would you? What flat-out halts his medium abilities?

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    I think a lot of it is limited by presence of the undead/the abilities of Walden's brief manifestations. Personally, I'd argue that the guns are the primary, Walden and communication with him supports. Like, if I was the Polack, my primary power wouldn't be speaking Polish, even in a Polish environment. Most of my limitations would be from my Polack buddies' skills, as well as my ball kicking abilities. Now that you mention it though, I suppose I would like that gun stuff further defined. If we're looking at a total of 112 bullets, is Kaiban a good shot? Wildfire was something of a monster if I recall, but is he cool with capping just some guy?

    Also, Sandman has had his tweaks, just missing his demo. Did you want to fight-fight, in which case I'll work on it, or not fight-fight, in which case shoot me a PM

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    Can the spirits grab sentient lifeforms? Like can you order the soul to strangle some person or hold them down? Or do they need to possess a medium, such as a metal pipe or rope to do such things?

    Do souls of the killed follow their killer? Is there a time limit to how long a soul will haunt their killer? Because this Abra is a continuation of the past Abra, and the past Abra killed a lot of people.

    Do these souls look exactly like they do when they were killed or do they revert back to their normal selves?

    If these souls have been following the killer for a long time, do they change their information based on any change in the killer or do they only remember how they themselves were killed? EG if I kill someone with a baseball bat and then I start shooting people, will the soul who got killed by a baseball bat tell you to he was killed by a baseball bat but now I use a gun or just that he was killed by a baseball bat?
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