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Thread: Aladea RP: Conspiracy of Spectres - 26th of Maaris

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    "Mylarc?" Faye quietly repeated in slight confusion as she walked. An obviously familiar name, perhaps she misheard it? Possibly, but its not like she knew for certain, nor asked about that. Still, curiosity made her hasten her march a little, and soon the girl found herself near the outer ring.

    She noticed patrolling Legionnaires, but that haven't made her feel any better. After all, last night they were literally next to the 'event' and failed to spot, yet alone prevent it. She spied a little on the couple they accompanied. Didn't look much like arrest so probably someone important with an escort.... Were they worried of something, or was that a pompous whim of a rich man, who knows. She liked woman's hair though, and it kind of reminded her of Lavernius'. After staring for a longer while, the girl finally peeled her eyes off and passed by the wooden fence shaping the outer ring of the tournament, mixing in with the crowd.

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    Everyone, the Plaza of the Monolith | Duelist's Tournament
    Marianna Laranis & Faye Petralis, Outer Circle of the Plaza
    Faye found herself quite close to the audience area, enough to see Lavernius and Illaya chatting up with another woman of izukani descent. Seems as though they're getting along pretty well. The people around the Thaa'nas were busy talking about the current standings in the roster, mentioning Gwennifer Mylarc and pointing at the woman Faye knew as Illaya, others tell of Desmond Karas, the brutal broadsword wielder.


    Marianna Laranis found herself in the noise of the people with Hunter by her side. It didn't take her long to notice another familiar face in the crowd, another of the cleaner's table mates just standing by the outer ring's fence.

    Hunter looked to each of the sides of the ring before taking his leave. "I'll be at the Market waiting when you meet with him," he reminded and left the woman's presence. In a matter of moments, the man disappeared into the crowd without a trace.

    Lavernius Mylarc & Thalia Valgeiros, Audience Area - Outer Circle of the Plaza
    Yasuno pursed her lips in thought. "Perhaps a bit of intrigue and mischief doesn't hurt in ones life," she agreed, slowly nodding her head. It didn't take long for the announcer to come back with his loud voice.

    "Greetings once again! It is time for the four runners up to come on stage: Desmond Karas, Gwennifer Mylarc, Qillian Irios and Mai 'Charm' Ikezawa."

    A loud cheer roared throughout the plaza, names of the four were chanted and the crowd was ready to see them fight once more. With all four on stage, the announcer had them bow for the audience which they did so. "First up! Qillian Irios, the baelthanese dagger enthusiast and extraordinaire against the beautiful and deadly wielder of the masamune, the izukani Charm Ikezawa!"

    The two mentioned ladies stepped forward; Qillian was a dark haired tall woman with part of her face scarred with a slash on her left cheek and like her opponent, Charm, she had a slender build. The black haired izukani she was going against held herself with pride, her soft facial features hid her more keen skills with the blade. While Qillian did not delight in prolonging fights and ended them decisively, Charm seemed to be sadist in the eyes of the audience, drawing out the battle until the end and maiming her opponent.

    Desmond chuckled as he stood beside Thalia. "You got skill," he said. "I appreciate that in an opponent. The ones before were... easily picked off."

    Before Thalia could answer someone approached the announcer and whispered something in his ear, whose eyes quickly widened at the news. "Oh my," he said incredulously in which an escort of heavily armored guardsmen approached the Plaza's Outer Circle, they wore the crest of House Younghaven on their shoulders. Within their ranks was the lady herself, Baroness Ysire Younghaven. The audience was was silent at the sudden appearance of Salvation Point's seat.

    "Please welcome, Baroness Ysire Younghaven! She has graced us with her presence," the announcer said. By that time, the seat of Salvation Point had passed the inner circle of the plaza and begun to set foot on the stage itself alongside her men. "Greetings Baroness." Was all the man could muster.

    Qillian and Charm stepped back, their time in the limelight cut short from the sudden arrival while Vermon, who was seated in the inner circle, crossed his arms intrigued by the sudden change. The Baroness nodded to each of the four on stage and proceeded to speak.

    "I see you're all enjoying this event," she said with a warm smile. "I would have agreed to wait until after this tournament before announcing this but since you're all here, I'd rather say it while your attention is kept focused."

    "It is common to know that the Emperor is set to arrive in a few days but few will know of a murder that occurred in the dead of night just yesterday," she said. A lot of murmured voices, worry and of shock filled the air. The Baroness continued. "And even more officials are arriving from each Realm, to convene here in Salvation Point. The Lords of Vadalias and Izukani have arrived this morning and this is why I must tell you of the increased presence of the Thaa'nas and the Glorious Legion here in the starting today. Do not be alarmed as they will only be here for the week and kindly cooperate with them if they need your assistance."

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    "That indeed is an interesting tactic..." Lavernius crossed his arms as he listened. "I mean it's one thing to explain the presence of increased security, but in such a way that would cause distress... isn't exactly the wisest of options." He looked over at Yasuno. "Though it is bone-chilling isn't it? A murder during such a time of festivity. I do hope they catch them." He pulled out his sketchbook. "Do you think they'll continue the tournament now?"

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    Although she definitely didn't look for it, it was hard to miss even in such crowd like this. Haircut composed of all the colors of the rainbow, just slightly sticking out from the average height of people gathered. While she was sure from the beginning, once she got a little closer there was no mistake who the owner was. There was Lavernius, accompanied by Illaya and some Izukani woman. Was she the one sharing his name? No, that didn't quite feel right. People around in fact pointed in that direction with the name Gwennifer Mylarc on their lips, but instead at her, they were pointing at Illaya. There was also something in their body movements that told her it wasn't quite like that.

    A little confused, Faye's first thought was to come up and say hi, but as soon as she was to make a step she found herself incapable. Some weird feeling in her stomach made her hesitate, and the girl eventually found herself just standing there and staring. Maybe for the best, actually. Lost in her thoughts for a moment, she was brought back by the booming voice of the announcer. It seemed like Faye missed most of the tournament as there were only four participants that showed up on stage, one of them in fact being Illaya.

    Identity of 'another' Mylarc now revealed, it only sparked even more curiosity and confusion in Faye's mind. Is there anything this girl doesn't do? She curiously watched Illaya...or Gwennifer rather, and other participants on the stage in front of her, and hasn't failed to notice three out of four were women. Weaker sex, huh? Then the show was interrupted. There was a brief commotion, after which the Baroness herself has appeared with her 'news'. "Smooth..." Faye murmured and crossed her arms as she listened. At least they weren't beating around the bush with what occurred. However, the talk about Thaa'nas and Legionnaires has reminded her of something, wave of nervous cold going down her body. She quickly raised her hands behind her head, and deftly untied the blue piece of material, hiding it in her pocket.

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    Marianna gave little attention to Hunter as he was leaving, simply nodding back at him before he disappeared into the crowd. When the Baroness appeared on stage, Mari not only took the new information into equation, but also allowed herself to wander back in memory, recalling the couple of times when she and the group that grew to be the Fangs stole some items from her mansion.

    Nonetheless she spend a couple more minutes around the tournament area before heading out of the crowd and heading towards the Dancing Horseman.

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    Thalia stood in complete boredom as the baroness addressed the people of Salvation Point. She was an idiot. Two thoughts found their way into Thalia's mind as her head snapped from her twiddling thumbs to the back of the baroness' head, her eyes squinting in curiosity. The assassin scanned the crowd and then the rooftops, mostly focusing on the latter. It's usually in the public's best interest to keep these things contained quite a bit, rather than to speak out about them only hours afterward in such a way that could instill public unrest. Assuming things was often frowned upon in her profession, but Thalia stood on that stage scanning the rooftops and glancing back to the crowd, convincing herself that this baroness might be connected with those people Thalia encountered on the rooftop. Either that, or the baroness was just that stupid. The latter being the more likely scenario. While the weapons they used in the tournament were dulled for training, the blackened dagger on her hip was sharp and thirsty for the warm tang of a fresh kill.
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