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Thread: Hall of Warriors

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    Yo Vern, sorry to bother you since you had to deal with those Albert Einstein ninjas, but me and Kami's poll has come to a close, and I have suffered a loss. Put it on my tab, along with a good 'ol win for Wolf.

    Also, got a new character, you probably know which, who will be replacing Abbas here within the week, so be looking out for him to update the list.

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    Hey Vern, the battle between jirocho and I resulted in a win for myself and a loss for jirocho. Bloody good battle. Thanks mate!
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    Took me long enough:

    (@IgnusBurns: I know you changed your character but I can't find him on the forums, I'll update it as soon as I can access the thread again)
    (@SriGraecus: I just realised I never put your character on the Hall. That's been changed. I'm gonna have to ask you to adopt the way we count points in your character thread though, currently had you not linked a battle I would've added a loss instead of a draw.)

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    ok so i lost my last battle with Piston1937 so that is a win for jack and a lose for Fred. Still loved the battle.
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    Hello Vern, battle is finished chalk up one win for me and one loss for SriGraecus. Thanks for the match, it was fun, hope we can do so again in the future SriGraecus.

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