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Thread: Thread disappearing?

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    Thread disappearing?

    So I realized that I made a mistake on my RHG character post. So I went into edit it and I got it fixed,but immediately after that I could no longer see the actual post only the comments left on it.I tried to edit it again to see if I may have accidentally deleted it,but the button was gone too.What is the best thing for me to do in this situation?

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    Your thread probably dissapeared because you have less than 20 posts and a mod is approving it.

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    As Person said it's because of your post count.
    If you have under 20 posts, the site will hide any of your posts with links in them to prevent spam bots.
    Once you have 20 posts this won't happen anymore, but until then, contact a mod any time you make or edit a post with links in it so they can approve it.

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