There needs to be new ways to get coins in Stick Empires

I have been playing Stick Empires for over 2 years and I am still having trouble getting coins. The reason I believe that there aren't many players paying Stick Empires is because it gets difficult getting more coins without purchasing any with money. It takes too much time to get coins because the only way to get coins are by: logging in everyday, first win of the day, purchasing coins, or purchasing Membership. I came up with a NEW idea that every win in Stick Empires there should be a prize of 3-5 coins. That way people still have a reason to keep playing, and not just playing until you get 10 coins for the first win of the day, but instead continue playing since you still earn money for playing! Before many were exited to play because of the new looks for the units, but then they realized it takes too long to earn coins to actually purchase the new looks. For the benefit of the game, please add new ways to earn coins in Stick Empires.
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