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View Poll Results: What would your WRHG. do?

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  • Stay calm and try to find a way out

    8 61.54%
  • Freak out, curse the elevator and bang the door again and again

    2 15.38%
  • Do frickin' nothin'

    3 23.08%
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Thread: Trapped in a lift

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    Abnormal Azarel CS.777's Avatar
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    Trapped in a lift

    How would your WRHG. react if they are trapped in an elevator? Will they stay calm, panick or fuckin' detroy the lift to get out?

    Spoiler for Example (Azarel):

    And thats what Azarel would do.
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    No ordinary girl... Cassandra's Avatar
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    Vamprina would stay calm. If she was stuck in it with someone annoying though, she may resort to the second option (except instead of banging the door...she'd bang whoever's on her nerves).

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    Seņor MemeBar Alphaeus's Avatar
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    Can't say any of the options QUITE fit Altaer.

    First, he'd pull out Spectre and try to hack the systems to get them back online. If that didn't work, he'd just open the maintenance hatch that's always on the top of elevators anyway, cut the cords, and climb up to the floor he wanted.

    So, I would say he would stay calm, but the fact is he would be cussing up a storm this whole time.
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    Secret Psychopath Crank's Avatar
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    Of the four gladiators I've had, half wouldn't go into an elevator unless someone else was with them/wanted them to.

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    Gold Member RichardLongflop's Avatar
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    Handy would do absolutely nothing. Perhaps terrify the other people in the lift, though.

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    Just Smiling Aquila's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Must be a cargo elevator, how else would Handy fit? If Abra got stuck inside an elevator, he wouldn't do anything, but he would be extremely pissed. He wouldn't have the ability to escape so he would wait until he's saved, and whether they come immediately or take a while, he'd still kill them for making him wait.

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    Abnormal Azarel CS.777's Avatar
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    Bogor, Indonesia
    Quote Originally Posted by RichardLongflop View Post
    Handy would do absolutely nothing. Perhaps terrify the other people in the lift, though.
    LOL. You said it yourself
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    Food-loving Senior Member FalconX578's Avatar
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    Idk, but it's over the rainbow and beyond the sea, AKA that Narnia place (hah, no, did you think?).
    For me, I think that Farukon would remain calm in a situation like this, but would attempt to exit without using his powers or damage the elevator in any manner. He'd rather not risk having other civilians see him use his powers. So, he'd pretty much just wait for the power to go back on. Yep, he'd just wait. And wait some more. And wait... He'd pretty much just do frickin' nothin'. ♪

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    Keyboard smasher GreekGladiator's Avatar
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    I was inactive for a year and I don't know any of your characters guys(for now), but he character I am currently working on would definetly find a way out no matter how long it took.
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    W 4/L 4/T 0/F 0 Piston1937's Avatar
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    If I have to say. Steam would most likely either get a drink and then wait for the elevator to fall or be opened, Or he would just cut/blast an escape hole out.
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