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Thread: Um.... Hi?

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    Talking Um.... Hi?

    Well... Hello guys I'm Alexbomb2233 or on Discord as Hondunu and I'm a relative to Aslime1999 who has been on Stickpage and not only that but My little brother IRL. But I'm not here to talk about that I'm about how it into stickpage.

    It started when Aslime invited me to a discord server called "The Compound" and what I did there was sit on my butt and watched as people were (I asked some questions about what goes on and why does does it exist) it turns out that that was a clan for this site's RHG System made by stone but then I remembered their logo it somewhat brought me some nostalgia as I remembered playing a game on that feature a guy named "Crazy Jay" getting killed in multiple ways back when I was 12 years old.

    I at first become a sprite-animator on Maplemation (which is another forum I go on about maplestory) I made some battles on that but I can't show my work because my laptop broke. I was inspired by various shows like Spongebob (Classic not Modern), Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom Both shows made by Butch Hartman and Spongebob by Stephen Hillenburg. I became interested is sticks however almost after I first I first discovered to stick and I remembered how great the fight scenes were. So I decided to also make stick animation as well as hand-drawn (It's the same but hey.)
    I'm currently 20 years old (as I just became 20 yesterday which is A day before I made this)

    anyway like I said I make animations
    Flash 8/CS4/CS6 (Stick Figures)
    Adobe Flash CS3 (Sprites)
    I'm 20
    And I hope I get some meet nice peeps and enjoy the site and hope that "you" enjoyed reading this and liked it
    (P.S. I've been on the forum for almost a month now)

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    Ey! Welcome to Stickpage forums. Activity flows slowly here for some reason, patience is key LOL
    People are generally friendly, feel free to PM me if you would like to chat or smthin'.

    Such a bummer that your laptop broke though. I really do love maplestory sprite animations.

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