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Thread: wRHG + RP = ???

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    I have no preference. You can do either....

    I'm really just here to give the music, and break up the inevitable shit that will occur on the dance floor.

    Because that's all Orin really does!

    Though really, honestly, I'd kind of like it if this was in the same universe because I feel like Orin might end up chronically underdeveloped otherwise.

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    I might pop up with Steam in this thing.
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    I've spent so much time silent and completely inactive, so sure. I'll sign in with Light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devi View Post
    I've spent so much time silent and completely inactive, so sure. I'll sign in with Light.
    Oh hey, cool to see you're interested. I've posted it already, so you can check it out under the Writer's Lounge.

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