Well then, been a while since I've replied to any of these battles. Shame on me.

My CnC is short, but sweet I guess.

Your story was good, as usual, you never cease to create a well written story that I enjoy reading. However, the length was the key issue for me, you had me engaged for quite a while, but then suddenly cut me off from the action. Not an entirely huge problem for me, but this was the main kill-joy for me.

@Kamiroo Wolf
Dude, nice introduction. The whole buildup to encountering M.A was pretty darn tense and had me going. However, I feel as if the entire confrontation should've been longer. While yes, Winston had a hit-squad of his minions to help him, M.A is probably much better at defending herself than we give her credit for. I know if I was faced with a monstrosity like that, I wouldn't be able to keep my lunch down, sheesh. Overall though, excellent job, you get my vote!