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Thread: Yet Another Character Testing Room

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    Yet Another Character Testing Room

    Considering I tend to think up characters a mile a minute, I might as well create my own character test page. (Do people still do this?)

    In any case, if you want to, feel free to leave CnC or suggestions, I'll respond as best I can.

    Lawful Aligned:
    Spoiler for Katarina Bloodborne:

    Spoiler for Elouise Marcy:

    Spoiler for Konstantin Shokolov:

    Spoiler for Damon 'Belphegor' Irving:

    The Vague Rapid Response Task Force:
    The VRRTF, as is its abbreviated format, is Elouise Marcy's part-paramilitary and part-extrajudicial organisation that aims to assist Vague's authorities and maintain law and order, protecting innocent people in dangerous locales. Eric has connections with several members;

    Spoiler for Shannon Crawley:

    Spoiler for Chase and Fives:

    Spoiler for Thoria:

    Spoiler for Henry Orin:

    Spoiler for Nathan/Daniel Shepard:

    Spoiler for The Degenerator:

    Neutrally Aligned:
    Spoiler for Ericson Vorraster:

    Spoiler for Kiyoshi Kurosawa:

    Chaotically Aligned:
    Spoiler for Xavier Eloque:

    Spoiler for Maxim and Nikolai:

    Spoiler for Dr Death:

    Spoiler for Nyria Caliksis:

    Spoiler for The Faceless One:
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