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Thread: Eric Kassaran (GenericAnon) versus Vamprina (Cassandra)

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    You know, Cassandra, I don't know what it is about you (or rather, I have an idea, but I'm not quite sure how to best describe it), but your writing carries this very pleasant tone to it. Not in its theme, as in happy, unicorns and smiling suns and constant jolly singing while skipping through fields of flowers and whatnot.

    Pleasant more in the regards to the way you tell it and the characters involved. Seeing your characters act and interact is a joy because of how they are just works of a... I hesitate to use the words "pure imagination" because that's not really correct, but it's not far from that. Maybe "clean" could work here. I suppose the long way to say it would be "An imagination that is not overly tainted by external influences. Where the characters are made through a clean construct of the mind rather than overly relying on an already established character."

    As I'm writing this, I came to realise what kind of style this reminded me of. Dark Chronicle. That's a game where the entire world seems to be the product something similar. And that may be the key as to why I like your work so much. That game holds a special place in my heart.

    But there are definite flaws in what you've written here, so let me get on that.

    Spoiler for Flaws:

    Yeah, your problems are much more standard and confined to a single area. If somehow this could have been rewritten while taking out the battle, I'd have enjoyed it fully : P
    Yes, the ending was a bit flat, what with all the everyone gives hugs and kisses and bad guys and good guys make amends, but it was fine.
    It still makes me want to write something involving Vamprina and the rest of the characters you've shown (and likely more). Is this a challenge? Not sure, really.
    It's irrelevant now, but I'd have voted for you, no questions asked.

    Also, not exactly part of this topic, but something I'd like to mention:
    Cassandra, you might want to change the link for the picture you have of Vamprina's look to "" instead. It's hard to see otherwise because ads get in the way and you can't click it to enlarge it. That, or reupload it to imgur and use that.
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