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Thread: RHG:Morphes

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    Morphes,The SpearMaster

    After being thrown into the Under World for treason against the gods ,Morphes looks for his soul,after taking over 500 years looking through slums and bogs,deserts and palaces,he finally found it held by Hades who he made a deal with to claim his soul back. The deal was that " He could go back to the surface world if he competes in a challenging tournament in a fight with a cyclops" Morphes accepted this challenge and for the next 2 years he had to prepare, so he took up becoming a master at using the spear and learned magic for summoning spears out of the ground and the ability to live for ever (although he could still die from injuries.) he then fought the cyclops and won by tearing the cyclops' heart out. once he came back from the underworld he still had blood lust and wanted to fulfill it, he then heard rumors of a tournament called Rock Hard Colosseum, he entered the competition and strives to slaughter everybody there.

    Abilities: can throw shadow spears, Summoning Undead hands coming from the ground and grab at the enemies legs, and can summon a phantom scythe from his spear, and when he feels too pressured by the enemy he can move at superhuman speeds.

    Appearance: Purple, with white headband

    Also with ZetaBrand coming back ,I would like to know if they are holding character auditions

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    Or just any card. Debit or Bredit works

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    I wonder if people ever look at other pages to see if they're missing anything.

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