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Thread: RHG!

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    Uhm. Hi?

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    Idk, but it's over the rainbow and beyond the sea, AKA that Narnia place (hah, no, did you think?).
    Heya, welcome to SP! And also, you live in the Philippines? Awesome, I'm Filipino, but was born and raised in the States. And if you are going to join the RHG, then I wish you luck! I'm in the wRHG, the writing counterpart, but I do like to watch the animations posted in the RHG's Battle Zone. Welp at any rate, hope to see you around!
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    It was a bloody good time.

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    hey eager, welcome to stick page!
    looking at the title of your thread, i can see that you would like to have an rhg, se here are the guidelines that you should have in mind for when you're making a character or a clan:
    How to start an RHG clan!
    (by the way, if you see something related to RHG territory, just ignore it, since the system was scrapped, you do have to post your clan thread in one of the territories tho, but ignore the village and resources stuff)
    How to start your RHG!
    RHG QnA
    also, here are some threads that have some tips on how to make a decent clan/character:
    How to be a good clan leader
    How to make a decent RHG
    and of course, remember to read the rules before doing anything.
    that's all you need to get started, so yeah, welcome to stickpage!
    (and if you need links to some animation tutorials just pm me and i'll send you some i think are helpful)
    who cares really lol
    Burntsticks - Frame By Frame - Toxigen
    My RHG (Challenge me pls)
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