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Thread: Animation: Basic Rules

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    Lightbulb Animation: Basic Rules

    Rules of Animation

    -Always practice movement the stick men are going to do before animate it watch this video to help on walks
    also if your character is flying, or has superpowers use references it always helps and if shooting a guns watch this video

    -Have physics if a character falls have a little bounce.

    -If a character is idle still animate them with little movement give them some life little details count.

    -Frames also matter if a character is walking or crawling move them a little at a time if running move them fast.

    -Don't work alone it's common sense that working with a team helps with errors and work time also if the character talks you have the team for that

    -Have background music it give life into the world.

    -You don't have to follow these rules you could do thing how it feels comfortable i'm for you. i'm telling you this is because this would help you most of the time but some of these rules would make this longer.
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