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Thread: EotW Discussion

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    I'd like to think of it as an extra dimensional monstrosity, humanoid in appearance but god-like in abilities, something you'd see in comics that's portrayed as near the level of God himself, but not quite there.

    Lucifer Morningstar is a good idea of what I'm thinking of.

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    We could always have a world harvester for whatever reason. I could even give them a sympathetic motive and it would make sense. Plus it would explain the power gap and allow for all sorts of monstrosities.
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    Or we could go hitchhikers and say they need a new intergalactic highway
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oster View Post
    What's the theme?
    Alien Invasion?
    Eldritch Creature Apocalypse?
    Rouge AI?
    Global Terrorist/Crime Syndicate?
    Plague Spreader?

    What exactly is the first villain we're going after?
    While I do agree that this may need a little bit more detail, I think Azarel mentioned something about minions of all sorts from some all encompassing thingy guy that could use some more work. Also, five days past the original thingy, so I do think we should get a date sometime soon. We don't have to start right away since there is the Monster Mix stuff going on, but I think that by the time the date hits, everything will be sorted out.

    I checked the thread, and here is what it said. Found the exact quote and stuff. You know, all that jazz.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azarel CS.777 View Post
    The super OP villian that is aiming to destroy the Earth. Further info is unavailable. I can tell you this though: He has all the powers you can imagine. And his minions are anything you can think of. From robots, aliens, monters and mutants.
    This super OP villain aiming to destroy Earth that has all the powers you can imagine. I mean, I know you said it this way because we are like supposed to find out about who this guy is, but "all the powers you can imagine" is just way too vague and really makes you wonder why he needs minions that we are supposed to fight if he can do things like set large fires everywhere, cause tsunamis and typhoons and hurricanes, floods and storms, which are all imaginable OP powers.
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