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Thread: Rhg: Raiidex

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    Rhg: Raiidex

    Name: Raiidex


    Abilities: Black Magic
    He has two daggers that he fights with
    He can create anything from black magic
    he is very very good with hand to hand combat

    Weakness:he isnt very intelligent.
    He isnt very skilled with his daggers (later ill change it)
    to create something from black magic he needs some time

    alien scientists wanted to make a hybrid of (creature) of black magic and a human. they created raiidex, they controlled him for a time, but then he got mind of his own (not very intelligent) and escaped to earth now he mostly fights.

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    Upload your image here then paste the direct link on your thread, dude.
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    You'll never make it with an SP social career if you don't know who Charry is by now.

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    ok oook

    kk.... im new here juzt calm down

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    Everyone here is perfectly calm.
    you degenerate.

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    Where do ya think?
    Even if he's joking, seeing Xyskal blatantly insult some one feels so out of character. It's weird.

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    Will that be cash or credit?
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    I'll take your food stamps card you broke crackwhore no-teeth having, giving gumjobs for a bump ass musty hag.

    Or just any card. Debit or Bredit works

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    I'm calming...
    where's the demo?!

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