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Thread: The Void Beyond the Arches RP

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    TwinVeil was practically screaming that it was made by elves for elves, and that it was a thief's favorite kind of town to make a living in. There was probably some rather strict laws against thievery here, unless even the rich were stealing. Rhea wasn't fond of things like this city. It really showed the arrogance of people, to build an interconnected city high up in the trees. Elves were a smart, cunning people, but certainly their enemies would be quick to light a match to this city and let gravity do the rest. Rudolph would hate this place.
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    A familiar atmosphere, a faint hint of gel permeating throughout the area. She could feel herself loosen up, surrounded by her breathens. It's been too long.

    "Mana essence. This is certainly home." She gazed into the distance, webs of trees and branches obscuring the horizon. One of them housed her parents, who would probably be enjoying a peaceful, quiet life. They may be adventurers, but that was the past. You can't always be in your prime.

    "Excuse me, sirs?" She asked the elven escorts of the party, "Where is the young captain and the Lantern Bearer taken?"
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    The orbs of light surrounding TwinVeil caught Rabbit's interest the most. He gazed at them as he was led about, impressed and wondering what else was in store.
    "Ah can't remember the last time ah wuz here! Mah memory is kinda foggy, but I have always been impressed by the work of the elves," Rabbit whispered to himself.

    Rabbit smiled faintly, as a multitude of thoughts came in one by one.

    "Then agen', almos' everything I have saw intrigued meh' in wun way or da other."

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    "I have some confidence in my gut, Master Rudolph," Gilderhall said proudly as he tapped his belly. "There is a nearby pub, what say you we get going then, hmm?"

    As the blacksmith rounded up some of his apprentices who were old enough to drink (and then leave one to watch over the younger)1. He noticed a somber tune in the air and his eyes rested on the clockwork. "Master Rudolph," he began. "Is that one of yours?"


    The tailor had patiently waited outside of the dressing room, overjoyed that his customer had been pleased. "That is good to hear," he said. "Payment? Considering the work done, I'd say seven copper pieces should do nicely."


    Lera approached one of their escorts. One of them looked at her closely before speaking. "Welcome home, sister," she said with a slight bow then a bit suprised at the question. "They should be heading to the council right now. Shouldn't be too long though, they have other matters to attend to as well. Do you need assistance in moving around here? I surmise its been awhile since you've left."

    The rest of the elves went elsewhere, mostly up into the higher levels of the city.

    1In total, three will be joining the pub.

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    Ox reached into his coin purse, which was located within one of the deepest pockets that came with his previous pair of pants, and began rummaging through it. Seven copper pieces is what he had left and seven copper pieces is what he needed to pay. So, he had to come face to face with a decision. Would he use the rest of his money to pay for the clothes, would he try to swindle the man, or would he just give the clothes back. Now, normally, this question would be easy enough to answer. But, since the man was so nice and the price was so cheap, he couldn't find it in him to try and rob the man. His grandmother would have been disappointed.

    "Right, here it is." He said, holding a closed fist with seven copper pieces held firmly inside. It took him a few seconds to actually let go of the coins and, afterwards, it would take him a few minutes to get over the trauma. "Thanks for the string, friend. Hopefully, this town will gather itself together so you can get more business." Without saying another word, he nodded and placed his old clothes into his backpack. Once he made sure he gathered everything, he left the store and looked for his robotic companion, who had been sitting on a surprisingly sturdy barrel by the dwarf and some others. He knew that the first place a dwarf would go to relax would be a bar.

    "Not... His." Rook said to Gilderhall. "Teacher." He continued, pointing over to the half-elf that was approaching them.


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    Mari limited herself to trailing the group, keeping her face tucked inside her hood. Hunter and Nat followed the Fangs leader, exchanging some words as they went along the catwalks. The redhead woman was in awe, basking her eyes in the beauty of TwinVeil, while Hunter kept reminding her to keep an eye open.

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    Rudolph looked at Rook. "Ayy, that be the knife-ears' companion. Some reason, it be travelin with 'im. Been teachin it music 'e says, in exchange for it protectin 'im." The dwarf looked at the blacksmith. "Why? It ain't of no 'arm ta ye. Now comon, my lips are parched for a noice cool point."

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    Rhea shrugged, overhearing the conversation between Lera and the elf, "would be nice to find a place to get some food and drink, if you don't mind. I imagine we'll be waiting on the others to get back from their meeting for a while. Might as well get comfortable."
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    Aurea has given up her horse quickly, letting those actually capable of getting tired, ride it instead of her, as she decided to make the rest of the way on foot. She was quiet for the whole duration, unbothered by whatever was happening behind her back. The woman has briefly opened her mouth when Rhea proposed a song, but whether was she to agree or slate the idea remained unknown as no word escaped it.

    The knight obediently followed the elves into the city, not bothering to even reach for her sword when they've dropped down. So far the Order member seemed to have had everything under control. They were eventually left to their own devices, and Aurea nodded to what Rabbit and Lera said, actively looking around herself. "Pretty, indeed... But probably prettier than practical..." Then Rhea has spoken out loud the unwelcomed thought. While she has realized that a while ago, she tried her best to not give said thought voice. There was nothing for them, but to wait, and there was but probably only one thing bothering Aurea more than idleness...Nevertheless, after a brief teeth gritting she has nodded to what the ranger said as well, signaling she agrees with her plan. "Hopefully it won't take too long..."

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