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Thread: The Void Beyond the Arches RP

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    Rudolph glared at the half-elf and growled. "I know ye types, rogues always tryin to get away with yer words, always sayin things that mean something else." There was a beat as they locked eyes then Rudolph cracked a genuine smile and began laughing. He let go of the bard, "Good stuff! Appreciate a boy with some grit. Can't say Oy loike how ya skirted round the fact you was at fault but also can't say Oy don't respect ya for it." The dwarf chortled. "The day Oy say Oy'm wrong to a knife ears is da day Oy don't loike grog and me mum's mutton." With that said, Rudolph made his way to the sleighs to make sure everything was secured properly before they head out.

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    Ox took a deep breath after Rudolph left. The only thing he felt at that moment was the relief of being out of that situation, which deeply contrasted his usual slightly annoyed inner demeanor. After he was done calming down, he smacked his forehead once and made his way towards the sleds. Rook had ropes in his hands, one for each sled, and he had them split evenly so he could carry the weight without worrying about them crashing into each other too bad.

    "Alright, lead the way!" Ox said out loud, waiting for someone to lead the charge back.


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    Lera found herself back in her shop, she was just here before during the night: gathering medicines, doing a favor for Aurea. Now she's returned to replenish her potion stock. They were about to leave, she as sure of that. It would not take long before the party that went into the woods to return and by then, they'd be off to Highmount. She'd better prepare for the journey ahead.

    Rabbit stayed at the town hall, reading his book. Mayor Roderique sighed as the others left and simply looked to Rabbit before going back to his office at the end of the hall.

    [Thornfell: Eastern Forest]

    Aurea walked back to the city gates, rejected by the ranger. A familiar face greeted her at the fixed gate, Sir Dreimon. The man waved at the knight and approached her.

    "You're going to find the den of the lycans?" He asked plainly. A cold wind passed them, chilling the knight captain. Aurea however, only felt the familiar; the gust of the Wastes.


    Wandering through the woods, Rhea felt a chill: a wind so cold that it she knew it couldn't have gone from here. It was summer. Focusing on the forest floor, she found flattened grass and leaves. She could suspect these came from the retreating lycanthrope since the dirt road that caravans use to and from Thornfell were quite a distance away.

    The sound of chatter had alerted her however.


    (Time skip: The Church Group had woke an hour or so earlier than those in the city, their travel then coincides with Rhea's arrival to the forest.)

    The morning of their trek back to Thornfell was more or less uneventful. Rays of sunshine fell from the canopy of leaves above, making beautiful columns of Petrania's grace carved out from Ytra's leafy allies. With the sled moving, pulled by the clockwork known as Rook, the party began to make their way back. Esther allowed the girl to sit on the sled, concerned that the child had been running all night long.

    Nothing eventful had happened during their move and the forest, still, disturbingly silent. The usual chirping of birds that signal the morning are absent and amongst the creatures of the day, none have appeared. It is as if the woods had been emptied and yet Visage knew it wasn't truly so. He called for a messenger last night, didn't he? There should be animals here but there aren't now1.

    A ghastly breeze wafted through the trees and down into the forest floor, a cold that clung to the party's exposed skin before slowly disappearing from the warmth of their own bodies.

    1For Visage: You noticed trampled shrubbery and plants that indicate hasty movement.
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    "Preparation done." Potions stocked, differentiated with bottle type. She would be able to grab the right bottle instantly from her bag.

    Lera was primed and ready for anything. She swung the duffel bag over her shoulder and approached the front gate.
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    Rhea decided to follow the obvious tracks, mostly because she was bored and didn't want to return to town. She made her way through the forest with feline stealth, wielding her bow with an arrow nocked in the string. The sound of chatter could be heard through the trees, and Rhea heard it well before those responsible came into sight. Hiding among the trees was something far too familiar and easy for Rhea, which is why she fashioned her clothes the way she did. Her prey never saw her coming.
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    Aurea simply nodded as an answer. "I guess I am..." Before she could say anything else, a familiar breeze passed her by, and she suddenly turned in the direction the essence-rich gust has came from. "We don't have much time...if any." She murmured. They might've already be late, yet the sun has barely came up. "Have you got anything for me?" The knight asked, turning back to Sir Dreimon.

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