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Thread: The Void Beyond the Arches RP

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    Rook walked around with heavy feet, whirring slightly as the gears turned within his metal frame. He noticed that the wolf that had been summoned by the party's druid was staring at some bramble for a second or two. He tilted his head and looked down at where it was looking, seeing the faint shape of something in the the bramble below him. He reached down and grabbed handfuls of it, tearing it out in large chunks in search for the thing. If he found a person hiding in there, he would quickly reach forward and grab them by the neck before dragging them out to the rest of the group. If there wasn't a person, he would decide whether or not to check out whatever the wolf was looking at next.


    Ox noticed that the girl was looking at him funny. He understood that it would be a little odd for a random man you just met to randomly sit down next to you while playing music. So, he decided that it would be in his best interest to introduce himself.

    "Hey, my name is Osxium." he didn't extend a hand out to her since that would stop him from playing. "But, you can call me Ox." He genuinely smiled at her, which was only barely different from his normal fake smile, and nodded slightly. "What's your name?"
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    Noticing the actions of his wolf, Visage's eyes narrowed a bit. With his telepathy still active, Visage spoke in general to anyone in the vicinity of the bush. "I know you're in there, and were I not more concerned by the potentially much larger threat, I would be more than happy to handle this myself..."

    Uncertain who or what might have heard him -- if at all -- he turned his attention to the direction his wolf was now heading, stalking ahead slowly, bow at the ready.
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    Aurea smiled a little at Lera's words apparently satisfied, or amused by them. "Good." Was all she said. The knight could frown at the merchant leaving the city at time of need, internally accuse her of cowardice, but she found no layers of such emotion within. The girl shouldn't have been put in front of such choice in the first place. Also, it's not like she was actually running away.

    The woman knew what's going on the moment she noticed Sir Dreimon leading more than just one horse. Her smile disappeared as she sighed. "It's not that I want to go alone. More like I have to...There's less risk that way..." Aurea's gaze ran to the side for a moment. "Or so I hope..." The answer was a bit cryptic, but the knight has already proven to be not the one for long explanations. The woman struggled with her thoughts, before she breathed in deeply and her eyes swept back over the group and crossed with Dreimon's. "All of you...I'm not talking you out of this, am I? Fine...but once we find the lair, you listen and do what I say." Aurea was missing the usual softness in her voice there at the end. She approached the closest mount, and after adjusting some straps, saddled up on it with one fluent movement, as if her armor weighted nothing. The horse would probably be of a different opinion. She held onto the reins with one hand, the other occupied by her sword. Once more she addressed the captain. "Also...Do have someone take over your duties, and have town at ready during our absence...I've still got an awful feeling we're one step behind, ever since that chill." Once more, knight's words had close to no sense.

    Once everything was ready, Aurea would lead the escapade out. With the tracks clear enough even for her to pick most of the time, she had one more clue to guide herself. She would follow the direction, from which the familiar essence blew the most, excluding the ever present current reaching out to her all the way from Highmount.

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