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Thread: The Void Beyond the Arches RP

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    Rhea had spent her night doing other things that weren't exactly sleep related, so by the time Aurea and Rabbit were awake and outside and all ready to go, she was still dead as a rock on her bed.
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    Lera was concealed within the blanket, her eyes poking out of the sheets and peering outside the window. Morning sun.

    Well, last night was uneventful, to say the least. Aside from the drinking the elder, Rabbit and the heretic, Edward, participated in, nothing was noteworthy. People in Twin Veil still lives peaceful lives, fending off beasts treading upon our territory like a routine job.

    She shuffled around, wrapped in soft blanket, in the bed made of wood, taking deep breaths of the mana-infused air that fills Twin Veil.

    "If only I could control it better without help..." She pinched her own cheeks, and started to prepare to head out.

    She rolled right off the bed and landed gently on her feet. Looking over a sleeping ranger, then to an open door that revealed Rabbit and Aurea conversing, she decided to just stand there, waiting to catch Rhea up with the rest of the group.
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    Gilderhall laughed, bursting through the door with his apprentices in tow. "They'll be fine," he said, though obviously the youngest one was still tipsy. The blacksmith then noticed the forge was well tended and grinned. "Up for another hard days work again, lads? My wife should have breakfast out in a minute for all of us. Happy to join in, Rudolph?"

    Esther appeared just behind Aurea, coming from a walk. She seemed to be perfectly ready to trek out into the wilderness, her tricorne hat adorned her head neatly and uniform kept tidy. The Ghostlight Lantern on her side pulsed low like a heartbeat which kept Esther seemingly on edge.

    "Ah, most of you are awake," Esther noted that Rhea hadn't stirred in her sleep. "That is good. If you're in a hurry to Highmount, it would be best we'd be on our way while the sun is up. Food should be ready, the elves have prepared for the community it seems1." She recalled, off-handedly answering Rabbit's need to have food.

    1For Lera: This is perfectly normal. The Commons prepapre breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire community. Any leftovers are immediately recycled into the widlerness as fertilizer. Giving back to nature, as they would say.

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