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Thread: The Void Beyond the Arches RP

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    Rhea ran over to the creature she killed and knelt down over it's head. With a swift swing of her arm, she smashed the butt of her dagger into it's skull, prying her arrow free and assessing it for damage. The point was a bit dulled but she could still use this one. After tucking the arrow back into her quiver, Rhea found cover in the shadows once more just in time for the front gate to be knocked down. Given the attacking force, she would most definitely be staying on the ground.

    From the shadows, rhea began firing iron-tipped arrows up into the canopy, aiming for the bats. The arrows speed and precision were far too great for the flying beasts to counter, especially in air. She had already fired off seven arrows before she took the time to see if the iron-tipped arrows were even affecting the winged beasts.
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    Visage finished his cup and shrugged. "I would hope so. On our journey, if they made it to daylight, I'd judge that they might have survived. Might."

    He noticed her answer, and behind his banal expression on a mental level, he smiled. Secrets, secrets...such a marvelous world.

    Yet another project for him. More questions would be asked, and answers given in due time. He realized that often the people he took an interest in did not really matter, in the scheme of a trade empire like his, but it was this microcosm-type fascination of his with the insides of individual minds that lent him his success.
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