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Thread: The Void Beyond the Arches RP

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    The Void Beyond the Arches RP

    The Void Beyond the Arches RP
    Plethoras, the plane that we all call home. Christened with five continents, it is a vast expanse of land and sea teeming with life. From there, guided by the hands of the divine above, formed the numerous races that came to conquer the material plane. Leonar, Weskoth, Broxa, Fedimia and Grissom grew nations, held empires and saw them all rise and fall. Over the millenias that pass, Plethoras ahd seen countless civilizations rise and fall.

    Just above them all were the gods. The progenitors of life and all-powerful beings of the Astral Sea. There was a time when the divine walked with mortalkind but that came into an end so many eons ago and thus far, they have made little efforts to affect the material plane.

    That is until the first Eternal Night when their hand was forced to aid mortalkind and in time, that too came to pass. After some time, there was a relative peace between nations.


    1. God modding is forbidden. I will kill your character on the spot if you do. It doesn't take much in a magical world to do so. This includes:
    • Using another's character without their permission
    • Doing something impossible with your character or have your character know something that he/she couldn't possibly know at the current time.

    2. As much as possible, write your posts with correct grammar and be as clear as possible. You aren't the only one playing and if you can't be on Skype, this is more applicable to you since we won't be able to reach you as often as those on the chat room.

    3. Editing is forbidden unless its due to these:
    • You need to fix grammar/spelling issues. Notify me.
    • You misunderstood previous posts. Notify me.

    4. Do everyone a favor and read previous posts before you post yours. Everyone wants to have fun and RPing is best enjoyed when everyone connects.

    Tools/Relevant Documents:
    If you are interested to play, PM me and I will be sending you some Google Documents regarding the entire RP. Once you create your character from these, send them to me and I'll judge if they're okay. Once done, you can post the character here and I'll add them to the roster.

    Once you're in, I'll invite you to the Skype group.

    Spoiler for :

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    Spoiler for Character:

    This is all you savages get before we start :3
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    Spoiler for yes:

    The structure of her band of thieves is to be decided alongside EB
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    Spoiler for The United:
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    Name: Rudolph Mularof (Moo – la – rof)

    Age: 160

    Gender: Male

    Race: Dwarf

    Profession: Miner/Demolitionist/Safebreaker

    Spoiler for Skills/Talents:

    Spoiler for Equipment:

    Spoiler for Personality:

    Spoiler for Appearance:

    Spoiler for Backstory:
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    Mine is so terrible compared to everyone else's ;c
    Name: Amon Alcatraz
    Age: 60
    Race: Half Elf
    Talents/Skills: Amazing healing ability and can conjure durable shields (Up to 2 at a time). He is also well-experienced in the art of Bojutsu
    Weapon: A light bamboo Bo Staff with a bright red ruby in the middle of the staff
    Personality: He is quite chill and a bit lazy at times, sometimes refusing to heal just because he feels "tired"
    Appearance: He wears a dark hooded cloak with some shorts to come along with. His face is mostly covered up by his beard he has dark grayish hair and he has bright amber eyes with a few wrinkles on his face. Like this
    Backstory: As a child, Amon was always interested in healing and conjuring shields he was also interested when a couple of monks were passing by TwinVeil the place he lived in for a part of his life. A few children went up to them and asked them to show some moves. So they challenged an Elven guard to a spar and in a few seconds quickly defeated them. Amon was impressed by this and asked them to teach him how to use a staff like how they did. The leader of the monks said "in 33 years time we will come back here and pick you up and train you in ThornFell." and so 33 years went by and Amon gained much knowledge in Healing and Shield Conjuration,he was then picked up by the monks just like they said he would and he trained with them until the age of 60.
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    Finally finished.

    Spoiler for Character:
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    Quick reservation for a character.

    Spoiler for A "normal" gal:
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