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There is always the point of "Why the fuck would a 13 year old want to fight shit" but that's a different issue.
She basically wants to be famous.

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My point is how well can a 17 year old guy get into the mind of a 13 year old girl?
Beth's personality is heavily based on what I was like around 10 years old and younger. The weird thing is, Beth has been the easiest character to write for so far. I understand her optimism and where it comes from, which allows me to figure out how she would see/react to things.

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Can you make the reader relate to this girl? That's a serious challenge, and probably one of the things most people struggle with -- being able to connect enough with characters to write a reasonable story.
I sure do hope so. I am in the process of creating an entire plot line for this character that, I believe, is something that people can relate to in some way. But, I don't want to give anything away before it's meant to.

Thanks for the comment, Alph.