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Thread: Lovecraft Level Animation for Animation class - First Anim in 3 years

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    Lovecraft Level Animation for Animation class - First Anim in 3 years

    We were given 2 weeks to make an animation with that 3 types of obstacles (the falling pillar, the pendulum and the rotating blade) with a Lovecraft theme.
    Then, when i were about to start drawing the character, i remembered all the animations i loved so much years ago when i used to visit stickpage every day until i've seen all animations there was that time.
    The last time i tried to make a stick animation was about... 3 or 4 years ago, in flash i guess, only great fails.
    Now, in the university, i had both Toon Boom Harmony and a Wacom tablet to use. So i did everything i could, here's the result:

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    Oh hey, this is pretty nice.

    Although there is some resizing, particularly around that flip near the end.

    I also really like how the camera follows the stick figure's movements and the background.

    Spoiler for my favorite quote on this entire website.:

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