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Thread: Stuck in a Subway

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    Stuck in a Subway

    Ok, so I recently saw that "trapped in a lift" thread and I thought "Gee golly, I should make another one of those." So, let's pretend that your character is on one of SP City's many subway lines (I don't know if this is actually true. I just didn't want the setting to be in New York or whatever) and they had to make an emergency stop at a station that your character can not get off at. What does your character do? You can write a little story for it if you'd like to.


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    See, these kinds of scenarios I generally don't like tons, because they ascribe cookie-cutter responses. Altaer, for example, never freaks out. On the flip side, under certain circumstances he is just as likely to take a nap, smash shit to get out, or bash people to smithereenies. Or, he may just fucking take the emergency stop and find a different way to get home.

    Although he just doesn't take subways generally because they are troublesome.
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    I can't really vote on these because I've had so many characters as it is, though to put it bluntly...

    Abbas has lived 5000 years, waiting an extra ten minutes is nothing for him.

    Riley is a patient guy as it is, though with his luck, some chump would probably use that opportunity to try and rob everyone on the train.

    Levi is chill asf, so he'd probably just get off the train and go get some coffee.

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    Heh, the more I try to write for this, the more I realize just how hard it'd be to get Serif on a subway in the first place! He already hates being in a car, so I could see a lot of internal stress with clear signals from his posture. Not a panic attack, but definite 'I loath being here' vibes

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    Idk, but it's over the rainbow and beyond the sea, AKA that Narnia place (hah, no, did you think?).
    Knowing Percy, he would probably fall under and do, "Nothing/Wait", but it really just depends on circumstance.

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