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Thread: FalconX's Birdcage

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    Idk, but it's over the rainbow and beyond the sea, AKA that Narnia place (hah, no, did you think?).

    FalconX's Birdcage

    The profiles of a bunch of people. Want to know the details of a character in my stories, find it here! So, this is my testing room, an idea that’s been going around for awhile I suppose. Sure it’s a kind of old idea but it’s still alive, so I decided that I should make one. Most of these characters I plan on using in my stories for the main part, but there are a few others. I will also be putting my gladiators in here as well. Any questions, think anyone is OP, or just have some other CnC, then by all means just comment down below. So without a further ado, here is FalconX’s Birdcage!

    Spoiler for Gladiators:

    Spoiler for NPCs:

    Spoiler for NPC Mentions:

    Spoiler for Groups and Organizations:

    Spoiler for More Character Information:

    Spoiler for Changelog:
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    Oh, glad to see this done! Now just gotta edit mine to add some stuff.

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