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Thread: New character

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    Thumbs up New character

    Name: Whiplash
    Species: Alien
    Character for: RHG
    Powers: Telekinesis and master of all kombat
    Traits: Has a metal arm that catch anything

    Checkout my picture of him in my YouTube video soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragemaster800 View Post
    Has a metal arm that catch anything
    Including these . 𝕊 𝕀 ℂ 𝕂 . 𝕍 𝕀 𝔹 𝔼 𝕊 .

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    That has to be you, right Chrome?

    In the event you're not, this is probably the wrong section. In the event it isn't, it's missing almost everything.

    If it is the wrong section, there's still a lot missing
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    You posted this in Writing RHG, not normal RHG. And if this was normal RHG this character isn't even 5% completed. Post this again in the correct section once you've attempted to make a RHG character. You haven't done that yet.
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