In a nutshell: Unofficial competitions are free to go here under any sort of contest of writing skill. Any official ones will simply be stickied.

Tournaments are not only big events like ErrorBlender's genre competition. It can also be a place to challenge someone to a 1v1 writing contest. Like wRHG except without wRHGs and with stories instead. The incentives to do that and the structure for keeping track of your wins and losses, if you want to, can be figured out later.

Official contests, for now, won't actually be much different than unofficial ones except that they're more prestigious. I could see modest cash prizes, but it'd be funded by me and not SP so who knows. Maybe if there was a way to raise funds that could bring cash prizes on the table without being funded by SP itself.

We'll see what sort of activity this section sees and how it might grow in the future. Official contests will be once every few months perhaps, though 1v1 battles and unofficial contests are welcome here any time.