Trimester League

Good day to everyone reading this, I have a suggestion for an ongoing contest kind of like wRHG but about different writing topics and challenges. Everyone who want to test their mettle in an array of topics of my own design (and suggestions and help from the community).

This is the plan:
As the name suggests, it will be every trimester.
Trimester 1: January to March (April off)
Trimester 2: May to July (August off)
Trimester 3: September to November (December off)

Every 2 weeks I will issue a challenge with a deadline. As the next challenge begins the community will vote on the previous week’s work while giving constructive criticism. Thus in one trimester there would be 6 challenges.

The scoring system will work as follows:
Every participant gets 1 point for participating in the challenge regardless of placement.
First place gets 5 points, second gets 3 points and third gets 1 point on top of the participation point.
If a participant misses the deadline of the voting stage, they may still write a piece to get the participation point but will not be eligible for the voting stage.

You can participate in any of the challenges. If you do not have time, do not worry, you can participate in those that you have time to take part in.

During the off months of April, August, and December a winner will be announced. I will set up a live scoreboard during the trimester.

Once a new trimester starts the board resets.

There is no sign up, simply send me your work once it is completed and I will add you to the scoreboard.

An example for a challenge would be this:
A soldier on an intergalactic space station made an impulsive purchase which set into motion a large scale galactic war. You are tasked to write from the soldier’s point-of-view. You do not need to elaborate the whole conflict but simply emphasize how the shit hit the fan.

(I will work on my presentation)

I would like to know if this idea would work and if there is anything I should add or take away? As well as advice on how to write the challenge itself. I have the ideas, I just need to present them in a proper manner. Should I add word limits? Should I add additional challenges for bonus points? Should I change the point system itself? Any and all suggestions are welcome.