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Thread: The Casual Jojo Reference

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    The Casual Jojo Reference

    Did you click this because you watch JJBA?! COOL! Wait.. No? Oh.. I'm sad to hear that... *cries in corner*

    Anyways! Hey guys! I've been dead for.. Pretty much a year now. But now that I have finally created something. (All in one day! Whoo!) I'd like to share it with you guys!

    I present to thee...


    Although, since the quality is bad. I recommend watching it at Hyun's Dojo: (It's not against any rules or anything right?)

    Any constructive criticism is welcome

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    (But seriously though, your stickfigure needs to flow more, and just be less stiff in general. Are you using free transform at all?)

    Spoiler for my favorite quote on this entire website.:

    Spoiler for support:

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