I recently hired a person to develop my website. The website is about an ip i'm currently developing. The site will have all the info from story, the characters, and whatnot. I just had a great idea regarding the presentation of my characters in the website and i'd really like for it to work. I have the illustrations of the characters and i decided to have them imported to flash, arranged next to each other in the canvas, treat them as buttons and do a bit of actionscripting to display text about each of those characters upon hovering over them. Once i have that done, i thought of having the .swf sent to the web developer in hopes of having the animation sit/play/encoded in the website. But when i talked to the developer about this idea, he said its not possible to have .swf animations in the site. I was a bit disappointed to hear that. Is there any way around this? Perhaps a way to convert the swf into some other format that i'm unaware of ? It would really be amazing to get some opinions on this. Any help is VERY welcome!

Thank you for reading !