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Thread: Academy of Heroes 2

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    Francene took a snadwich from the pile and sat herself down gently. On the mention of the drone, she perked up.

    "A name?" She blinked and then looked over her shoulder and saw the drone. "I.. I haven't thought of one yet."

    Its been common for her to name the programs she's encountered with, it helps cope with the fact they don't have names at all and it seemed rude to just call them what they were. The technopath fidgeted and looked to Angel again, who had closed the book. Francene guessed she'd see more of it down the road. "I guess I'd name him...S- Specs? The camera on him makes it look like he has glasses bit I still need to ask him if he's fine with that name."

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    Theo once again waited for Isaiah to fire. "Yeah I killed him...and the other guy, and the other guy. Three in total." They didn't wanna talk about murder anymore and were happy that Isaiah asked a different question. They shrugged. "I mean, staying out of prison is always a plus but..." They trailed off. Thankful for the change in topic, Theo thought for a moment. What did they fight for? Humanity? Probably. They cared way too much about other people. "I guess I fight because I have to. Y'know 'cause most folks can't fight for themselves. I've got a responsibility I guess? I dunno, I sound dumb."
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    Only three people, Isaiah had to hold in a strange chuckle. An awful reaction but Theo now wasn't a fellow monster in his eyes. He turned around, propping the rifle against the stand as he smiled at Theo. "No, not dumb. I would say that's a good goal, a proper one. Better than running away from a different reality." He wondered if he could say that was what he was doing. Trying to explain away the monster he was made into with fake antedotes and memories, trying to wash the blood of the innocent off with the blood of monsters to somehow cancel the negative out with the positive of trying to save the world as if it even worked like that. "You shouldn't let the past hang over you Theo. It wasn't your fault." Isaiah wondered if he was trying to actually comfort Theo, or himself. But it wasn't like it would help. He's been feeding himself those words for years, and it still tastes bitter.

    "So I've asked a lot of questions about you, anything you want to know about me?" Isaiah took out the rifle's cartridge and the bullet in the chamber before putting it away and sat down next to Theo, using his crossbow case as a backrest of sorts.

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    “Yeah I suppose it does, doesn’t it? I’m rather confident in my abilitis and being able to protect myself, so don’t worry about having to watch out for me or anything when we’re out there! Naomi is a nice lady but she worries too much. I had this friend once who said I talked a whole lot so he let me try this herb of his and it really calmed me down. It also made me rather hungry. Has Naomi eaten? I still have some that my friend gave me, should I go see if she wants some?”
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    "I'm...not sure if Naomi's eaten yet," Sidnee replied eventually. She agreed that Naomi did worry too much, but she was the leader of this rag tag team, after all. That was a lot of weight on one person's shoulders, especially considering that the group was possibly the last chance of saving the world. She racked her brain around for a while, yet still didn't know what herb Anna could be talking about. If it caused her to both relax and be hungry, though, it couldn't be too bad, right? She shrugged, "It's w-worth a try. If she says n-no, it's more for you."

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    Naomi sat in the center of them all, not saying much as she worried and fretted over the coming events. She was drawn from her haze as Anna and Sidnee talked about what were obviously weed brownies, but the two of them were just too innocent to know what they were. The girl froze as they considered offering them to her, horrorstruck by the thought of what she would turn into if she ate them. Having never tried it before, she imagined herself drooling, eyes half closed and relaxed. A striking contrast to her posture now, as she sat straight as a rod with her arms folded neatly between her. It horrified her. That would ruin her image as a leader forever!

    "It's time to go!" She cried before Anna could offer, flustered, rising to her feet. Everyone was done eating anyways. They couldn't delay for any longer and their ride in to the outskirts of the Dead City was more than ready for them.

    Naomi turned and made her way to the APC that would drive them there, and the others followed in her footsteps.



    The APC pulled to a stop behind the ruins of what used to be a restaurant. Its engine was electric; capable of not drawing the attention of monsters from far away in the dead silence of the ruins. The area here was not the Dead City itself, but rather a small city of its own that had been swallowed by the larger city's expansion over the years. While self-contained, it was directly accessable to the main area by a giant freeway and many kilometers of open road.

    The beginning of that freeway was a few hour's walk away. For now they sat in a large section of businesses and grid-lined intersections, where endless rows of abandoned vehicles still sat in the streets. Many were likely still drivable, were they not locked swallowed by the husks of dead traffic around them.

    Staying silent, the APC's driver gave Naomi a sharp salute, and he drove away quickly without another word, leaving the small band of super heroes to fend for themselves in the ruins. They had such little information except for the direction they should be headed, which was to the north east. The enemy could be anywhere, but they would be in small groups if spotted at all. No buildings this far out would be occupied, but that was likely to change as they came closer to the enemy's main conglomeration a few dozen kilometers deeper.

    Naomi closed her eyes, listening closely now to the visions of the future around her. She was already on high alert, watching carefully to see if gunfire would suddenly erupt from somewhere unseen. She watched the corners of every building, to know if they were about to walk around into a waiting enemy's crosshairs. She could keep it up for now, but the girl already knew that this would become draining for her in not too long.

    "Hey, Francene?" Naomi asked. "Get your drone in the air... The sooner we can know it's safe to walk out from cover, the sooner we can relax a little bit."

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