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Thread: Academy of Heroes 2

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    Academy of Heroes 2

    His arrival was unprecedented.

    We thought we'd have another five years to prepare, if not longer. Why was this happening now? It's too early! We aren't ready yet!

    They aren't ready yet...


    There is a place, hidden in plain sight within a prestigious University, where gifted students come and learn to become heroes. Whether or not they came through choice... matters very little. The world needs these people for their unique strengths. To have such power thrust upon them against their will, meant that the fate of the weak and helpless would be forced upon them as well. Rejecting this responsibility meant to doom those weaker than them to their deaths. A crime that deserved punishment and the forfeit of their lives.

    To those who accepted, we treated them well. These "students" are given a normal life. They're given a livable income, access to the city, passionate teachers to raise and nurture their abilities, and companionship with others who are like them. The only thing we asked in exchange was to keep their abilities a secret to the public.

    This academy of heroes exists to forge a team of legends who can do what humanity cannot. To defend the Earth from the threat which festered in the heart of our country:

    It was a black, gaping tumor. Almost a kilometer in height and many more miles in diameter, burrowed deep into the Earth's crust. It sits there within the abandoned city it desecrated, gathering power from sources unknown, waiting for the day of its activation. No one knew what it was or what it was doing, or what will happen once its power is unleashed. All that we knew was two things:

    One is that at the center of it all, is what used to be Sirius Nightshade's corpse. The villain of untold power who threatened to destroy the world once before, almost twenty years ago.

    The second, is that we have only fifteen years from its appearance to prepare, before the tumor unleashes what it has stored within.

    But now, seven years since this massive construct appeared, we discovered that it was already too late. The black tumor had awakened, boiling, shedding its festering skin and unleashing black smog that cursed land which it touched. Where this curse spreads, the people living there become corrupted and wrong, joining a hivemind that worked toward an unknown goal. Monsters emerged from massive biological factories, shedding cocoons which were arranged in enormous rows and columns, forming into disciplined armies, coming to life and splitting into Units, immediately attacking the world around it.

    The only weakness we could find was that killing a Unit's leader, their Corporal, would result in the immediate death of his entire squad. Killing a Corporal's Lieutenant would cause the death of every Corporal beneath him... and every soldier beneath that Corporal. They were linked in a strange way. It was a massive weakness, for sure, but each creature further up in this chain of command also became much more dangerous--much more difficult to kill. But still, being linked like this gave us an incredible opportunity to attack...

    We need to strike at the heart of the tumor and kill the one at the top of the pyramid. With his death, all others beneath him would die as well.

    For some inexplicable reason, the tumor's curse that infected humans did not effect anyone gifted with these unexplained incredible powers. Perhaps our students were created by the tumor as well. We don't really know.

    All that we know is that we have no more time to wait. We have no choice but to send our most powerful heroes, regardless of discipline and regardless of their consent, deep into the heart of this danger, to penetrate the enormous biological factory in the center and destroy the most powerful monster waiting at its core. I want to have hope that these students have a chance of success, but...

    They are not yet prepared for the dangers ahead.



    This RP won't be like many Discord RPs, where the flow of conversation is similar to that of a chat room. Posts will be more like that of a written book, with each post telling a small piece of the story.

    Heroes in this story are powerful, but they aren't yet finished training. Go ahead and make your characters fairly strong, but leave them with room to grow even further.

    If I feel like someone won't be able to contribute well to the RP, I will be unashamed about barring entry. Sorry fams.

    Want to join this RP? Just fill out this character sheet...

    Physical Appearance:
    Special Abilities:

    The bar for entry here is really high unfortunately, since many of the users who have already agreed to join have been RPing properly for a long time. But if I think you have what it takes, I might sign on another hero...
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