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Thread: RHG Sanox

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    RHG Sanox



    Sanox has the the ability to control a person/his speed to make that person or him faster or slower, he also has the ability to control Photon Matter and use it as a force field, laser, form it into a weapon (mostly forms it into a sword), change the way light reflects him to make him invisible, flash bombs (basically to escape or to get an upper hand), his body can restore energy by absorbing the photon energy around him, he can faze through anything by increasing his speed and vibrating he can do this to others too (only he can control the speed of the person so if the person went too fast and vibrate to much his monicules would detach and the person or him will turn into nothing but living matter with no body)

    Sanox isn't so strong so he relies on his speed so gain more force through his attacks, he requires light to use most of his powers,he can't control too much Photon energy in his body or he will explode like a super nova, fazing his body or someone else uses alot of his energy so he only uses it if needed.

    Sanox had a hearse childhood he was taken away from his family and was forced to slavery for his entire life.One day there was a war that was so powerful it destroyed almost everything on the country of Faze in the war millions of people died and sacrificed for battle while all the guards whure out on the war sanox tried to escape but was fond and chased to an abyss and was shot into it.after a few month's sanox's body restore through a few photon energy that went through the abyss sanox was still injured thought and had a hard time to walk he managed to find a library of unknown origin sanox was shocked when he fond the library but still touched the door the door then scanned him and inplanted a link between him and the library so only he may enter and and choose who enter the library.All the information about the library's origin was linked too his brain he then instantly learned the secret to controlling Photon Matter. After a 12 years in the library he fond a way too restore anydead cell or atom by transferring the energy from Photons into the cell's or atoms of the host or object.because of his long isolation in the library he lost his sanity and went insane he only goes insane thought went his emotions rise to a critical level like intense anger or sadness or fear, he also losses his sanity when he experiences extreme pleasure in something or someone. After the years the library finally collapsed and was destroyed completely Sanox was able to escape but fond him self in the far future because of the extreme energy the library released during it's collapse.In that timeline the war was over and his family was already dead his generation was over and he went insane he then continued his research to try to find a way to return to his time and gain revenge to the people that ruined his life with his own hand. Even though he wanted to return to his own time he still researched and collected data about the future timeline and everything about it.



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