So back when Crank announced his Monster Mix event, I was heavily tempted to join, but realised I would not have the time to complete it, which was a shame because I wanted to maybe use it to further develop Sónia. That idea, however, sparked something in my mind as I pondered what kind of monster I'd have. And, over time, it developed into something. It developed into my first attempt at writing something unsettling.
I don't believe I quite succeeded, but it remains an attempt using an idea that I quite enjoyed developing, so I thought I should have it posted.

As such, by all means, I'd like to hear your thoughts on what worked and what didn't. I have my own suspicions and would like to have them confirmed or denied
Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding the lore of this beast, ask away. There's information I didn't get to put on the story because there would be no way the characters would have found out.

Google Docs version (Recommended. The formatting is more pleasant to look at)

Spoiler for Brain Rot: